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50 Example Market Research Questions to Ask Your Customers


Choose from 50 market research questions to use in your surveys, focus groups and your marketing plan to help you develop new products and increase customer satisfaction. These examples are based on fashion and shopping but you can swap out any of the fashion mentions to that of your product and see if they make sense for your industry. Market Research Question Examples What do you think about our product? How would you describe yourself? What do you like most about this brand? Why did you...

Online Form With File Upload


You’ve been looking for an online form builder with the option to upload files. Common needs in this space are: Customer onboarding forms with uploading feature Resume upload form Photo submission form Video submission form Assignment upload form In terms of file types that can be uploaded, most form & survey builders can be used as: PDF upload form DOC upload form DOCX upload form XLS upload form XLSX upload form CSV upload form TXT upload form RTF upload form HTML upload form ZIP...

Ecommerce website checklist form that produces report


Question: I am looking to create a form. The form will have checkboxes that the user can tick yes/no on. Depending on the information the user enters I would like to generate a scorecard report for the user. Each value will have different information, e.g. Checking Yes on Box 1 may be worth 20%, whereas Checking Yes on Box 2 is only worth 5%. Similar functionality to this website: However, I would like the added ability to generate a report. I have been looking into JotForm and believe this is...

Something similar to Google Forms for market research


Question: I need a Google form (or similar) questionnaire created so I can ask some market research questions easily. I need the page to look attractive. I have the text and questions – I just need advice on what survey software to use that is easy to set up, looks beautiful and has a back-end admin section to see the results. Answer: There are a few apps similar to Google Forms that you can use for market research. Our top picks for survey software that is easy to set up, looks beautiful...

Best Employee Satisfaction Survey Template


Find Employee Satisfaction Survey Templates Do you want to ensure you’ve got an empowering culture at your work and want to conduct regular surveys using an employee satisfaction survey template? We’ve collected the best employee satisfaction survey starter templates so you can start getting the feedback that can help your business grow. There are several types of employee satisfaction surveys that businesses run and these include a general employee satisfaction survey, a job...

Cococart Pricing


How much does Cococart Cost? Looking for a payment form that also has add-to-cart functionality? While Typeform and SurveySparrow offer a similar conversational form style and offer online payments, Cococart makes it easy to start an online store and start selling today. Getting started with Cococart is free and, once you’ve signed in, you’ll see the “Premium” features aka paid features that your store might need. Cococart Pricing Table (Monthly & Annually) From this...

Best NPS Survey Template


Find Net Promoter Score Templates You want to keep your finger on the pulse of your business so you’re looking for an NPS survey template to use so you can set up a customer feedback system. We’ve collected the best NPS survey starter templates so you can start getting the feedback that can help your business grow. There are several types of NPS survey that businesses run and these include a General Net Promoter Score Survey, a Customer NPS Survey, a Product NPS Survey and an...

Online survey for written business interviews


Question: We currently use a Google doc to conduct written interviews with people in business (see example questions below). We are happy with this but would like to add a little more functionality and we are not sure if it is possible with Google Docs. We want advice on using another system. We like Google docs because it is free and it is also easy to assign each new interview by copying the doc. We would like to change the interview question section to allow the person to choose their own...

Looking to switch from Alchemer and need an Alchemer alternative


Question: I am looking for a survey design expert to give advice on the best cheap online survey tool. I’ve looked at Google Forms, Jotform & Typeform and the questions I’ve asked are: Does it have question piping (which is very important to my project)? It is accessible to non-Google users? How is data captured? How flexible are the available designs? What are the advantages of the paid version? I’m looking to transfer 3 or 4 mid-size surveys from Alchemer to the selected...

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