Something similar to Google Forms for market research

Q Question: I need a Google form (or similar) questionnaire created so I can ask some market research questions easily. I need the page to look attractive. I have the text and questions – I just need advice on what survey software to use that is easy to set up, looks beautiful and has a back-end admin section to see the results.

A Answer: There are a few apps similar to Google Forms that you can use for market research. Our top picks for survey software that is easy to set up, looks beautiful and gives you access to all the responses are:

  • Typeform – has higher engagement than most survey builders due to the conversational form builder approach. The software price is higher but it is worth it for more, quality responses.
  • Tripetto – if you’re looking for a WordPress market research tool, give Tripetto a trial. Beautiful market research software that works well with WordPress.
  • SurveySparrow – beautiful, one-question-at-a-time survey software that has a powerful admin dashboard where you can see live market research stats on a single screen.



Form to buy ticket and get emailed PDF ticket

Question: We need an option for people buying tickets to our event. We want them to complete an event registration form, get added to our email newsletter but also get sent a PDF of their event ticket instantly. I’m looking for an alternative to using Eventbrite as I want everything set up through the single […]

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Creating a Survey with Score Calculations

Question: I have a PDF of a survey that needs to be put into an online form. We would like to utilize a scoring form app if possible although we are open to other forms as long as they can be embedded into our client’s website. The client uses a proprietary CMS so we would […]

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Best NPS Survey Template

📚 ContentsFind Net Promoter Score TemplatesGeneral Net Promoter Score TemplatesCustomer Net Promoter Score TemplatesProduct Net Promoter Score TemplatesEmployee Net Promoter Score Templates Find Net Promoter Score Templates You want to keep your finger on the pulse of your business so you’re looking for an NPS survey template to use so you can set up a […]

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