Online Form With File Upload

You’ve been looking for an online form builder with the option to upload files. Common needs in this space are:

  • Customer onboarding forms with uploading feature
  • Resume upload form
  • Photo submission form
  • Video submission form
  • Assignment upload form

In terms of file types that can be uploaded, most form & survey builders can be used as:

  • PDF upload form
  • DOC upload form
  • DOCX upload form
  • XLS upload form
  • XLSX upload form
  • CSV upload form
  • TXT upload form
  • RTF upload form
  • HTML upload form
  • ZIP upload form
  • MP3 upload form
  • WMA upload form
  • MPG upload form
  • FLV upload form
  • AVI upload form
  • JPG upload form
  • JPEG upload form
  • PNG upload form
  • GIF upload form

When allowing file submissions, all form builders have limits on the size of the files that can be uploaded per form. This can be based on load times for browsers or can be based on the size of your online form builder pricing plan.

Based on our research below, our top picks for file upload online form builders are:


→ Form designSurveySparrow and Typeform both win in terms of design for file upload forms


→ Large file upload formsJotform and Google Forms (for Google users only) both allow large files to be uploaded


→ FreeGoogle Forms (for Google users only) and the Jotform free plan work best for light file upload forms

These are the top online form builders with file upload fields that can be used to collect files.


Typeform has the ability to add a file upload with a file upload limit of 10MB. People can drag and drop their files to upload and you can use multiple file upload fields to collect multiple documents. You can download all your form uploads from your Typeform form builder database as a ZIP file or individually from your Typeform Results page. If you connect Typeform to Google Sheets, you can have file uploads saved in Google for each submission.

Need a bigger file upload limit than 10MB? You can either request the respondent to upload to their own file storage (Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, Google Drive etc) and then submit a file storage link or you could have the Typeform Thank You page direct people to a file upload link for your file storage provider (prompting them to name the file with their name in the title). The only downside to the second strategy is linking file uploads to respondents.



SurveySparrow allows users on the Starter Plan upwards to use their File Upload field for images, docs and video. The file upload feature has a limit of 10MB per upload.



Jotform has a generous free plan with 100MB of storage space and 500 submissions for free but you’ll want a paid plan if you’re looking to accept file uploads via your form. Jotform has some advanced file upload form features like the ability to restrict certain file types being uploaded, the ability to upload multiple files, the ability to drag and drop files into the form and the ability to show a preview of the uploaded file. One other feature they offer is the ability to restrict the file upload size.

Jotform file upload specs are:

  • The maximum individual file size allowed in Jotform is 1GB (1048576 KB) and the maximum recommended number of file uploads is 25 per entry.
  • Keep in mind of your monthly plan for Jotform when you’re accepting file uploads.
  • Google Drive gives only 15GB of space (if connecting your file upload form to Google Drive). If you do not purchase additional space, uploads larger than the remaining allotted space will not be completed.


Google Forms

Google Forms does offer a free file upload form option but the downside is that respondents must sign into Google to complete the form.

Google does allow you to accept file uploads up to 10GB per submission but you can limit your Google Forms file upload to 10MB to save on your own storage space. Their forms can accept multiple file uploads (up to 10). If you’d like to only allow specific file types, you can select from Document uploads, Spreadsheet uploads, PDf uploads, Video uploads, Presentation uploads, Drawing uploads, Image uploads and Audio uploads.


Involve Me

Involve Me has the option to include a file upload survey question but has constraints around the amount of storage included & upload size limits on your chosen plan. Their file storage options on each of their paid plans are:



Formstack has the option for a file upload survey question type but you may only “upload up to 25 MB of data per form submission (not per file upload field). This limit cannot be increased as we use browser-based file uploads that will time out with larger files.” Other considerations are that “each File Upload field is limited to one upload per field, so you will need to add multiple File Upload fields if your users need to attach more than one document. You may include as many Upload fields as you’d like on your Form, however, each submission is limited to 20 file uploads per submission.” and the allowable file extensions are jpg,jpeg,gif,png,bmp,tif,psd,pdf,doc,docx,xls,xlsx,txt,mp3,mp4,aac,wav,au,wmv,avi,mpg,mpeg,zip,gz,rar,z,tgz,tar,sitx.


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