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You want to keep your finger on the pulse of your business so you’re looking for an NPS survey template to use so you can set up a customer feedback system. We’ve collected the best NPS survey starter templates so you can start getting the feedback that can help your business grow.

There are several types of NPS survey that businesses run and these include a General Net Promoter Score Survey, a Customer NPS Survey, a Product NPS Survey and an Employee NPS Survey.

Who has the best NPS survey template? If you’re looking for the best design, our pick is SurveySparrow with Typeform a close second. Both are conversational form builders and the Net Promoter Score survey works so well in the one question shown at a time format. You want survey respondents to be able to quickly add their NPS score, add their reasoning and move on to other parts of your website or your process.


General Net Promoter Score Templates

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SurveySparrow (template link)

As they describe “Run health checks on your business by measuring your Net Promoter Score with this simple NPS Template. Find out if your customer pool consists of promoters, passives, or detractors. Know if customers love your brand, and why with this NPS Template.”

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Typeform (template link)

As they describe “Do your brand justice with a slick NPS survey that calculates your score for you. Human-centered UI boosts your completion rates, while smart integrations send data to your go-to apps, helping you visualize results and take action—fast.”

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Involve Me (template link)

As they describe “Use this high-converting, mobile-responsive NPS survey template in your company”.

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Formstack (template link)

As they describe “Find opportunities to improve your product by listening to what your customers think. Use this net promoter score survey template to quickly determine whether customers are likely to recommend your product to others. Use your NPS survey data in other applications, such as your CRM, in order to gain further insight into this score’s impact on your revenue.”

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Jotform (template link)

As they describe “NPS, Net Promoter Score is a crucial long-term metric that should be measured regularly. You can take on board your customers’ explanations for their scores and track your NPS score curve over time.”

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Tally (template link)

As they describe “Explore, pick and customize this NPS template to your needs”.


Customer Net Promoter Score Templates

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SurveySparrow (template link)

As they describe “This Customer NPS Survey Template is designed to check the loyalty of customers towards your service or support centers. It shows a clear picture of whether your customers are unhappy, satisfied, or delighted with your service.”


Product Net Promoter Score Templates

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SurveySparrow (template link)

As they describe “Product Net Promoter Score has evolved into one of the easiest methods of understanding the customer’s liking towards a product. It portrays a near perfect picture of whether your customer will be a part of word-of-mouth marketing or not.”


Employee Net Promoter Score Templates

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SurveySparrow (template link)

As they describe “Want to know if your employees are emotionally involved with your organization and goals? This Employee NPS Survey Template will get you the right answer. Conduct an eNPS survey, measure the employee net promoter score using eNPS survey questions, and take initiatives to build the best workplace.”

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QuestionPro (template link)

As they describe “Employee satisfaction survey questions allows you to measure your organization’s employee satisfaction levels such that there is an improvement in employee mood, morale and productivity. Use this free template to power your workforce and HR strategies to cultivate a work culture that enables your organization to win from within.”


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