Looking to switch from Alchemer and need an Alchemer alternative

Q Question: I am looking for a survey design expert to give advice on the best cheap online survey tool. I’ve looked at Google Forms, Jotform & Typeform and the questions I’ve asked are: Does it have question piping (which is very important to my project)? It is accessible to non-Google users? How is data captured? How flexible are the available designs? What are the advantages of the paid version?

I’m looking to transfer 3 or 4 mid-size surveys from Alchemer to the selected survey tool and need advice on what options suit my needs the best.

A Answer: There are plenty of cheap online survey tools and the three you’ve shortlisted are all quality products. Based on your requirements, you need several things all working together:

  1. A survey with question piping
  2. A survey that people don’t need to be logged in to use
  3. A survey tool with flexible designs
  4. A cheap survey building tool

As you’ve narrowed down your options to a shortlist, let’s look at your chosen options, one at a time.

Google Forms

Many people choose Google Forms because they’re already Google users and want a quick, simple survey for their clients. Respondents don’t need to be logged in to Google to answer your survey and the survey tool is free to use. The downsides are that designs are very limited and you can’t have the question piping that you need.


Jotform does have the question piping features that you need through their one question at a time survey builder and users don’t need to be logged in to answer the survey questions. Jotform has hundreds of survey designs to choose from but we’d recommend choosing your own color palette (using a tool like Coolers) and typography to ensure you can create a beautiful, branded survey. Jotform does have a generous free survey builder plan but we’d recommend the basic paid plan to get started with all premium features included.


Typeform is one of our top choices for designing beautiful, conversation-style surveys for your clients. This option ticks your boxes for flexible designs, doesn’t need survey respondents to be logged in and has question piping features that make it easy to create a choose-your-own-adventure style survey. In terms of pricing, Typeform is similar to Jotform on their basic paid plans.

Our Choice?

Based on your requirements, we’d recommend first looking at Typeform as an Alchemer alternative with Jotform a close second choice. Google Forms would be an alternative if you wanted a limited free survey option.

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