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Q Question: I need to create an inspection checklist for lawn mower inspections at my lawn mower repair shop and want advice on the best online form builder for lawn care businesses.
I need beginning and end of day checklists for my tree crew to complete as well as beginning and end of each job. I need vehicle and equipment inspection checklists.
All of these will include Memo fields, Dropdown lists, Photo options, and Date/Time stamps. I plan to put together a flowchart in Word format and then send that over for a form designer to work with but just need to know what software would suit this task.

A Answer: Based on your needs, I think you’ll need inspection checklist forms for your lawnmower inspection business. My top pick for inspection software would be iAuditor and their huge range of inspection templates. As a backup, you could also look into Fastfield for your inspections. If you’re looking for a simple solution, you could use Airtable and their in-built forms functionality to create simple checklists and have your team members complete the form, with responses sent directly to a spreadsheet for you to check.


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