Form to buy ticket and get emailed PDF ticket

Q Question: We need an option for people buying tickets to our event. We want them to complete an event registration form, get added to our email newsletter but also get sent a PDF of their event ticket instantly. I’m looking for an alternative to using Eventbrite as I want everything set up through the single event registration app that I control.

A Answer: Setting up this type of event registration app will involve the registration form, the connection to your email marketing software and the creation of your ticket. There are some simple ways to set this up but you’ll find they have limitations around the information you need to have included on your ticket. For a robust event registration and ticketing solution that is set up via an online form builder, I’d recommend that you look at FormStack as they combine forms and document creation in one product. You can quickly build forms that create tickets that are personalized for each event-goer. They are a more expensive online form builder but the time that you’ll save on the document generation side will make up for the bigger upfront investment.

Online Form With File Upload

You’ve been looking for an online form builder with the option to upload files. Common needs in this space are: Customer onboarding forms with uploading feature Resume upload form Photo submission form Video submission form Assignment upload form In terms of file types that can be uploaded, most form & survey builders can be used […]

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50 Example Market Research Questions to Ask Your Customers

Choose from 50 market research questions to use in your surveys, focus groups and your marketing plan to help you develop new products and increase customer satisfaction. These examples are based on fashion and shopping but you can swap out any of the fashion mentions to that of your product and see if they make […]

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Lawn Care Online Forms

Question: I need to create an inspection checklist for lawn mower inspections at my lawn mower repair shop and want advice on the best online form builder for lawn care businesses. I need beginning and end of day checklists for my tree crew to complete as well as beginning and end of each job. I […]

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