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Ecommerce website checklist form that produces report

Q Question: I am looking to create a form. The form will have checkboxes that the user can tick yes/no on. Depending on the information the user enters I would like to generate a scorecard report for the user. Each value will have different information, e.g. Checking Yes on Box 1 may be worth 20%, whereas Checking Yes on Box 2 is only worth 5%.

Similar functionality to this website:
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However, I would like the added ability to generate a report. I have been looking into JotForm and believe this is possible with it.

A Answer: You are right that Jotform has the ability to take form responses and use these to create a PDF report of the submission data. You can apply formatting to the report but the answers will only be the form responses or the score for the survey.

As an alternative to Jotform, you could look at Typeform but their report-building functionality is to a similar level but you would need to connect to another software program using Zapier to build the PDF.

Your best option for creating an online form that builds your PDF report for you is ScoreApp as they can collect the form submissions you need and also show the results on a final landing page with the option to send the quiz results via email to the survey taker. Depending on the number of respondents, ScoreApp can be pricier than Typeform, but if you’re looking for a very professional-looking personality quiz that your clients or followers can use, I’d recommend using ScoreApp purely for the results screen and the ability to generate a PDF report without needing Zapier.

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