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Q Question: I have an existing 80 question personality survey that is facilitated via pen/paper. I am looking to have it recreated using a modern personality quiz app. Each question is to be given a score of 1 – 5. At the end of the survey the person is given a list of their Top 10 results. The results are tabulated based on a formula that pulls the score given to each question. For example:

Result “A” = Score from question 4 + Score from question 14 + Score from question 23 + Score from question 33 + Score from question 54

Result “B” = Score from question 2 + Score from question 11 + Score from question 28 + Score from question 53 + Score from question 74

Result “C” = Score from question 1 + Score from question 19 + Score from question 43 + Score from question 73 + Score from question 78

This is the case for 16 different results that are tabulated by the scores from 5 different questions.

Then the Top 10, of the possible 16, results are returned to the survey taker.

In addition to the above, there should be some sort of “Progress” bar showing the user how much time until they are done.

A Answer: Usually for someone looking to create a simple online form that uses scoring, I’d recommend that you look at Typeform using their scoring feature. Easy to set up and can use logic jumps to show different question branching or form endings depending on the score.

In your case, you’re looking for a personality quiz that can show the top ten results to the survey taker. For this more advanced scoring quiz, I’d recommend that you look at ScoreApp as they can do the conditional logic you need and also show the results (personality types) on a final landing page with the option to send the quiz results via email to the survey taker. Depending on the number of respondents, ScoreApp can be pricier than Typeform, but if you’re looking for a very professional-looking personality quiz that your clients or followers can use, I’d recommend using ScoreApp purely for the results screen and ability to show the Top 10 results on one page.

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