Build an automated Typeform-like assessment with payment functionality

Q Question: I’m looking to design a roughly 20 question assessment with an automated feedback report. There are 2 parts of the questionnaire, which scores need to be added and then ranked. Results would then be displayed according to result ranking, and eventually shared via pdf. The assessment is for a fee. Ideally, I’m looking for the assessment integrated into a landing page. I couldn’t get this set up in Typeform with the final assessment part, are there other options or Typeform alternatives?

A Answer: Although Typeform has some great scoring functionality, they don’t have the ability to sent recipients across to a custom report page with their assessment results. You could try to build a workaround where the form data is sent to a data dashboard or visual composer app that would show an infographic-style output but you would still need to manually give the respondent permission to access their custom infographic, built from their form responses.

In your case, you’re looking for your 20 question assessment to be completed, paid for and then have the form-filler get their results instantly. For this more advanced scoring functionality, I’d recommend that you look at ScoreApp as they can do the conditional logic you need, the payment option and also show the results (assessment pie charts, percentages etc) on a final landing page with the option to send the assessment results via email to the recipient. Depending on the number of respondents, ScoreApp can be pricier than Typeform, but if you’re looking for a very professional-looking assessment that your clients or followers can use, I’d recommend using ScoreApp purely for the results screen and ability to show the assessment results on one page.

Beautiful Front End for Membership Sign Up Form

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Looking to switch from Alchemer and need an Alchemer alternative

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Online Form With File Upload

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