Build a reservation form on a page of my website

Q Question: I need help knowing how to build an online reservation system on my website using an online form that my customers can use. I’m really looking for an event ticketing software alternative that I can manage myself and make changes when I want.

Features required:

  • Event search
  • Choose between single day or multi-day events
  • Add multiple people to one reservation
  • Enter email to be sent event reservation as a PDF
  • Ability to download ticket after payment from the website or through email
  • PDF document should look modern and not like a computer-generated confirmation
  • Payment gateway integration: Stripe or Paypal
  • The page needs to load very fast
  • Optional – display price in local currency + ability to set prices for each currency
A Answer: It sounds like you’re looking for a way to take booking for your event but want an alternative to event booking software (that automated much of the online booking process). If you’re looking for a way to customise your customer experience and the messaging/tickets they receive, I’d recommend that you look at Formstack Forms & Documents as a way to collect information, book for multiple people and send a custom event ticket via their Documents tools.


Another option in this space is Moonclerk. They can handle the simple event booking form side with a page that matches your branding and they offer the ability to pay for events using payment plans.

For a simple event booking form that can handle payments and keep track of event attendees, I’d recommend that you look at Jotform, using their Event Sign Up Sheet Table template to be able to easily keep track of who has booked and paid.

Finally, as an alternative to a ticketing system for your event, you could also look at using Airtable and set up a similar template as a base then use Airtable’s form features so attendees can book their tickets and their details are kept in one central Airtable base (in a similar way to Jotform Tables). Using Airtable’s Page Designer app, you’ll be able to have the custom event ticket designed and sent to attendees.

There are many benefits to having an online booking system for your events. Firstly, it makes the booking process much easier for your guests. They can book their tickets quickly and easily from the comfort of their own home or office. This is especially beneficial for events that are popular and tend to sell out quickly, as guests can be guaranteed a spot without having to miss out.

An online booking system also makes it easier for you to manage your events. You can keep track of how many tickets have been sold, and you can easily see which tickets are still available. This information is invaluable when it comes to planning your event, as you can ensure that there are enough tickets available for everyone who wants to attend.

An online booking system can also help you to raise awareness of your event. By adding a prominent booking button to your website or social media page, you can encourage more people to find out about your event and potentially book tickets. This can be a great way to boost ticket sales and ensure that your event is a success.

Overall, an online booking system can be a great way to make the booking process easier for your guests and to help you manage your event more effectively. It can also be a great way to increase awareness of your event and boost ticket sales. If you’re thinking about organising an event, an online booking system is definitely worth considering.

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