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Do you want to ensure you’ve got an empowering culture at your work and want to conduct regular surveys using an employee satisfaction survey template? We’ve collected the best employee satisfaction survey starter templates so you can start getting the feedback that can help your business grow.

There are several types of employee satisfaction surveys that businesses run and these include a general employee satisfaction survey, a job satisfaction survey, an employee engagement survey, an employee motivation survey and more.

Who has the best employee satisfaction survey template? If you’re looking for the best design, our pick is SurveySparrow with Typeform a close second. Both are conversational form builders and the employee satisfaction survey works so well in the one question shown at a time format. You want employees to be able to quickly add their satisfaction survey responses so you have a higher completion rate on your survey, leading to better quality data on the state of your workplace culture.


General Employee Satisfaction Templates


SurveySparrow (template link)

As they describe “This Employee Satisfaction Survey Template lets you drive employee satisfaction and employee engagement. The template’s conversation style helps you to engage employees and get candid responses. You can customize this work survey template with your own employee satisfaction survey questions.”

Typeform (template link)

As they describe “An employee satisfaction survey is a type of research used by Human Resources to measure employee engagement levels and job satisfaction. The objective of the survey is to understand how happy your employees are. You can use the results to understand if particular departments are less happy than others, what is the general consensus among employees with regards to the work culture, and what steps will be required to improve the work environment.”

Involve Me (template link)

As they describe “Use this high-converting, mobile-responsive employee satisfaction survey template in your company”.

Formstack (template link)

As they describe “Giving your employees the opportunity to voice their opinions is key to creating a workplace where they feel happy and engaged. Use this mobile-friendly employee satisfaction survey template to learn how they feel about your company and whether they’d recommend you as an employer. These insights will help you make informed workplace improvements and boost engagement.”

Jotform (template link)

As they describe “An employee satisfaction survey is used by managers or HR professionals to get a better understanding of how their employees view their work environment. With Jotform’s free Employee Satisfaction Survey, you can collect survey responses online from any device! Just customize the form template, embed it in your employee website or share it with a link, and view responses in your secure Jotform account. You can then auto-generate detailed reports using Jotform Report Builder, or convert each submission into a PDF automatically.

This Employee Satisfaction Survey template already includes questions to help you get to know your employees, but if you’d like to add more questions, upload your logo, or change the survey design, do it in a few easy clicks with no coding using Jotform Form Builder. Feel free to send submissions to other accounts automatically with 100+ free integrations including Airtable, Google Drive, Dropbox, Trello, Slack, and more. Save time by collecting employee satisfaction surveys online with a free Employee Satisfaction Survey from Jotform! Gauge satisfaction with this form, or create a new survey from scratch!”

Tally (template link)

As they describe “Explore, pick and customize this employee satisfaction template to your needs”.


Job Satisfaction Survey Templates

SurveySparrow (template link)

As they describe “Are your supervisors and team members working as a cohesive unit to maximize productivity? How happy are your employees? Find out the answers with our Job Satisfaction Survey Template. Ask the right job satisfaction survey questions to your employees and build a productive workplace.”

Outgrow (template link)

As they describe “Tell us what you think in all honesty. This survey is completely anonymous. We want to improve how you feel at work and make Outgrow the best place ever to work at.”

Jotform (template link)

As they describe “Determine how satisfied your employees are ~ a key factor in employee retention. Need a brand new survey? Create your own online free survey Now from scratch!”

QuestionPro (template link)

As they describe “Employee satisfaction survey questions allows you to measure your organization’s employee satisfaction levels such that there is an improvement in employee mood, morale and productivity. Use this free template to power your workforce and HR strategies to cultivate a work culture that enables your organization to win from within.”


Employee Engagement Survey Templates

SurveySparrow (template link)

As they describe “Using this employee engagement survey template, you can have two-way communication with your employees, and use their hidden potential into business outcomes. The only way to know the excitement levels of your employees is by asking the right employee engagement survey questions.”

Typeform (template link)

As they describe “Get creative in our intuitive builder—pick the perfect colors, fonts, backgrounds, and more. Bring your survey to life with over a million icons, videos, and photos. Or upload your own. Create a stand-out survey in minutes, with zero coding skills needed. Not sure where to start?”

Jotform (template link)

As they describe “The success, efficiency, happiness and, comfort of your employees are very important for your business. Would you like to be sure that your employees are working under good conditions? Would you like to ensure that your employees are happy and full of energy at work? The employee Engagement Survey form meets your needs! By using this Employee Engagement Survey form, you can learn how satisfied your employees are at your company in order to improve your working conditions. In this way, you can see the expectations of your employees and make improvements in your company in order to make them work in better conditions and more efficiently. Jotform offers free Employee Engagement Survey form. Please, feel free to modify this form, add or remove details as you wish.”

Tally (template link)

As they describe “A well-designed employee engagement survey.”


Employee Motivation Survey Templates

SurveySparrow (template link)

As they describe “The employee motivation survey template is used to understand if your employees feel motivated or not. Using this template you will be able to uncover multiple other aspects like how the employees feel about their superiors, or how they feel about the job role.”

Jotform (template link)

As they describe “An employee motivation survey is used to assess whether or not employees feel motivated, uncover any impediments to their progress, and help you come up with ways to boost their productivity. Using our free online Employee Motivation Survey, businesses of all types can collect important employee feedback instantly, analyzing the results to help improve employees’ performance. Just customize the form template, share it with employees for them to fill in on any device, and view the results in your secure Jotform account.”

Typeform (template link)

As they describe “Get regular feedback you can act upon by asking these 10 key employee motivation questions:

  1. In general, how motivated do you feel at work?
  2. How stimulating do you find day-to-day tasks?
  3. How inspired do you feel by your work goals?
  4. How well do you think you’re growing in your role?
  5. How happy do you feel coming to work?
  6. How much do you feel you’re contributing to the success of the company?
  7. How well do you feel your work is recognized by your manager?
  8. How would you rate your overall job satisfaction?
  9. How likely would you be to recommend a job here to a friend?
  10. How secure do you feel in your job?”

QuestionPro (template link)

As they describe “Employee motivation assessment survey questions and sample questionnaire template helps in understanding how motivated your workforce is. Employee motivation may not be visible or come out in team and one-on-one meetings. Conducting anonymous surveys helps in knowing their concerns and understand ways to improve staff motivation. The sample questionnaire will provide you with data and points that will help revamp your people processes. Staff motivation is crucial to employee engagement, which directly impacts employee job security, workforce productivity, morale, and satisfaction.”


Employee Pulse Survey Templates

SurveySparrow (template link)

As they describe “The employee pulse survey template helps you get quick employee feedback on new processes, diversity inclusion, and goal alignment. Tweak the sample employee pulse survey questions in the template, let the employee pulse check guide your retention strategies, and make way for a healthier workplace.”

QuestionPro (template link)

As they describe “Employee pulse sample questionnaire and survey template is used to understand organizational health. The survey is called ‘pulse’ since it is conducted every few weeks and is quick, easy, and simple. This sample questionnaire will provide insights into elements such as employee communication, employee engagement, staff satisfaction, etc. Some of the key benefits of running and employee pulse survey are: Fast responses: Pulse surveys contain limited questions, and hence, ensure you get fast, accurate, and more responses. Track changes over a period: Employee pulse studies are crucial to learning how employee sentiments change over a period. They are short and hence quick and easy for frequent deployment. Agile: Unlike other traditional employee surveys, pulse surveys do not take place every year. This helps in identifying and addressing concerns as and when they arise, giving agility to your people operations. Improved employee engagement: Since you deploy and gather frequent employee feedback, you can act on that feedback and improve upon your processes. This helps in improving staff engagement, which is beneficial to better morale, satisfaction, staff productivity, and retention.”


Employee Opinion Survey Templates

SurveySparrow (template link)

As they describe “Employee opinion survey is an employee survey, also known as staff survey, which gives your organization a measure of employees’ attitude, satisfaction, motivation, and other similar attributes to understand their strengths and weaknesses, their inclination, their concerns across a range of cultural & performance areas.”

Jotform (template link)

As they describe “The form provides you with your employee’s comments and opinions regarding their job, workplace, and company.”


Employee Experience Survey Templates

Jotform (template link)

As they describe “An employee experience survey is a questionnaire used by employers to find out how employees are enjoying their workplace experience. Whether you’re the owner of a company or work in human resources, use this free Employee Experience Survey to collect feedback from your employees online! Just customize the questions to match your workplace, embed the form on your website, or give employees a link — and start collecting responses instantly. It’s ideal for remote workplaces — helping you collect the feedback you need, fast.”

SurveySparrow (template link)

As they describe “The employee experience survey template can be used to conduct internal surveys by HRs of an organization to know if the employees are comfortable with the workplace and work environment.”



About Employee Satisfaction Surveys

Most people hate their job because they feel like they aren’t being paid enough money. Or they feel like they aren’t getting any respect from their boss. Or maybe they think there isn’t anything interesting going on at work. Whatever the reason, most people hate their job. Employees are happy if they get paid well, have a good boss, and enjoy working. They are unhappy when they are overworked, and when they don’t get enough pay. Low job satisfaction levels can be detrimental to an organization. Employees who aren’t satisfied with their jobs may not be as productive or happy, which may lead to lower productivity and higher attrition rates. Employees who are satisfied work harder than those who aren’t. Satisfied employees also tend to stay longer with your company.

Enter the employee satisfaction survey.

What is an employee satisfaction survey?

An employee satisfaction survey is a way for you to find out what your employees think about their job. It’s a great tool for managers to use in order to improve their business. The purpose of an employee satisfaction survey is to help you understand how your employees feel about their jobs. You want to know whether they’re happy, and if they need more training, better benefits, or other ways to make them happier. An employee satisfaction survey helps you identify problems that need to be fixed. And it gives you data that will help you evaluate your current policies and procedures.

How do I conduct an employee satisfaction survey?

There are many different methods for conducting an employee satisfaction survey. Some companies ask every employee to fill out a questionnaire. Others send surveys by mail to randomly selected employees. Still others give surveys online. There are pros and cons to each method.

How long should my employee satisfaction survey last?

The length of time that you give your employee satisfaction survey depends on what information you want to collect. If you just want to see how happy your employees are, then you might only take 5 minutes to complete the survey. But if you want to learn more about why they dislike their jobs, then you’ll probably want to spend 10-15 minutes filling it out. Your employees’ answers will depend on their moods at the moment. So you’ll have to be careful to avoid influencing their responses.

How often should I conduct an employee satisfaction poll?

You should conduct an employee satisfaction survey once per year. This will allow you to see trends in your employees’ opinions. For example, if you notice that some employees are very dissatisfied with their jobs, but others are very satisfied, this could mean that you need to reevaluate your compensation plan.

When should I conduct an employee survey?

You should conduct an employee satisfaction poll during the first few months after your new hire starts. This will give you a chance to observe their performance and determine whether they’re doing a good job. After 6 months, you’ll have a good idea of how well they’re performing. At this point, you can decide whether you want to keep them or let them go.

10 Questions You Need to Ask in Employee Satisfaction Surveys

These are some example questions to ask in an employee satisfaction survey:

  1. How would you rate your overall job satisfaction? Would you say that you are very satisfied, somewhat satisfied, somewhat unsatisfied, or very unsatisfied? Why?
  2. What are your biggest concerns about your job?
  3. Do you believe that you receive adequate training and support from management? If so, what type of training and support does management provide?
  4. Are you satisfied with the amount of vacation time that you receive? Why or why not?
  5. Is there anything else we should consider improving?
  6. In general, how satisfied are you with the following aspects of your work environment?
  7. How often do you get along with co-workers?
  8. Do you enjoy working here? Why or why not (if you don’t like it)?
  9. Overall, how much money do you earn?
  10. What are your greatest strengths as a worker? What are your greatest weaknesses?


What kind of results should I expect when conducting an employee satisfaction survey?

An employee satisfaction survey is usually used to gather data about how satisfied your employees are with their jobs. The data collected will help you make decisions about your company’s future. You may use the results of the survey to improve your business practices. Or you may choose to dismiss certain employees based on the survey results.

What kind of feedback should I expect when conducting a survey?

A typical employee satisfaction survey consists of two parts: a self-administered part and an interview. When answering the self-administered part, your employees will answer questions such as “how satisfied are you?” and “what are your biggest concerns?”. They may also respond to open ended questions such as “what other things should we consider improving?” These types of questions are called free response questions because they require your employees to write down their thoughts without any guidance. An interviewer will then talk to each employee individually. During these interviews, the interviewer will ask questions such as “why did you feel that way?”, “is there something else we should consider improving?”, and “do you think that you are treated fairly by management?”.

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