Beautiful Front End for Membership Sign Up Form

Q Question: I would love a beautifully-designed, responsive front-end form. What online form software do I need to use to create the below form? This is a multi-step form:

  1. Collect Name, Number, Email, and some opt-in
  2. Number field to type in text message code for double verification
  3. Shows pricing page with a couple filters
  4. Member information form (pull in name, number and address from #1) and ask for address, gender, etc
  5. CC form
  6. Signature (this is optional)
  7. Thank you / Confirmation
Q Answer: To create a beautiful payment form, you could use Typeform with their payment functionality but the additional need for a more detailed pricing page and an optional esignature on the form, means that you might also want to explore some other membership form builder options. SurveySparrow offers a powerful membership sign-up form builder that allows you to accept payments and accept multi-currency payments for overseas members but still lacks the online signature option for members.

I think, to get the additional signature functionality, you’ll need to consider a solution like JotForm, using their signature widget to add an e-signature, smooth signature or initials to your form. They don’t have the same conversational-style online form that Typeform and SurveySparrow have but they do have a huge range of options to suit most business needs.

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